2015 Projects

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A new truck for Myongdo Welfare Centre
New tables and chairs for Seoul Shelter for Women
Children at the Eastern Social Welfare Society

There are many organisations that have reached out to BASS asking for help during the year. Sometimes we have been able to offer practical support, like at Lunar New Year when many BASS members and their families spent the afternoon and evening at Anna House for the Homeless, helping Father Vicenzo prepare and serve the evening meal.  However, most often we provide financial assistance.  Below are details of the organizations that were supported by the 2015 Queen’s Birthday Ball:

MYONGDO WELFARE CENTRE  Myongdo "The Bright Way" is an extensive programme run by Sister Geraldine for the mentally and physically challenged, in Mokpo. We were delighted to be able to donate 18 million KRW to Sister Geraldine and she was able to buy a new truck, as the old one was no longer safe to drive. 

SEOUL SHELTER FOR WOMEN  This centre, run by Sister Veronica, cares for 200 mentally challenged women of different ages, many of whom have been abandoned by their families and left homeless. We were happy to donate Sister Veronica the 2 million KRW needed to buy new tables and chairs for the centre.  One of our members also kindly donated a much needed sofa.

NEW LIGHT COMMUNITY  This charity provides psychological and day-to-day care for people suffering from HIV/AIDS, under the direction of Sister Miriam. New Light Community receives no government support, so the organization is wholly reliant on donations from individuals, companies and groups such as BASS. We were delighted to help them with 5 million KRW to cover their ongoing operating costs.

ST COLUMBAN'S HOME FOR THE ELDERLY  Sister Hanora (Nora) Wiseman, her staff and a large team of volunteers provide nursing and hospice care to about 90 elderly residents, both men and women, at the Chuncheon centre. We were happy to donate 3 million KRW towards their ongoing operating costs

WOORINURI SOCIAL WELFARE FOUNDATION  Children from low-income families or single parents go to Woorinuri each day after school, do their homework and are given dinner, so they are supervised and safe until their parent returns home from work. They will use the funds donated, 7 million KRW, in hiring skilled teachers to keep the English language programme running for underprivileged families.

EASTERN SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY  Many BASS members support this organization by making regular visits to the orphanage to play with and help to care for the children.  The charity facilitates adoptions for babies in need of families and has now expanded into other areas of welfare care. We were delighted to help them this time with a donation of 3 million KRW towards their operating costs.