2016 Projects

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Big Mama's House - New exterior
Big Mama (centre)
With Father Vincenzo at Anna House
Myeungdo Welfare Center
In the kitchen with Sister Geraldine



For our 2015/6 joint charity project, BASS is contributing 5 million KRW towards the renovation of Mubeopjeongsa Yongin Home of Youth, affectionately known as “Big Mama’s House”.


Big Mama's is an independently-run orphanage that forgoes government funding to keep siblings together and raise them as a family. Big Mama's children are generally not orphans but have been abandoned by their families because most have developmental disabilities ranging from mild to severe.


Together with ANZA Korea, SIWA, the American Women’s Club, Thrift Shop and the Deutscher Club Seoul, BASS is donating funds to enable the existing House to be remodelled to meet new government regulations.  Without this joint project Big Mama had considered packing up and moving to the countryside.


Renovation work is now well under way.  Although there is still much to be done inside, the major structural work and external changes are now complete.  Once the renovations are finished the Big Mama family will be able to stay together and the non-disabled children will have a chance for further study and employment near their home.



We are continuing to support Anna House in Songnam this year.  Our Welfare Chairperson, together with Bass Patron Pascale Sutherland and our former President Jane Armstrong, visited the centre in May. Father Vincenzo runs the charity, supporting homeless men with a soup kitchen, barbers, medical care and legal counselling.  Some men are provided employment packaging paper and the centre offers temporary shelter too.


Father Vincenzo started a new initiative called Agit Youth outreach in March 2015. A few times a week, a yellow bus carries volunteers to support homeless teenagers in the south east of Seoul. 

Both projects are growing and reaching out to increasing numbers of homeless men and homeless children. 


Former BASS President Jane Armstrong and ANZA President Sue Lyn Norie were amongst a group that travelled 3 hours via KTX to Mokpo to visit the Myeungdo Welfare Center in June.

Sister Geraldine runs a number of projects to support mentally and physically handicapped children and adults.  The charity operates a rehabilitation centre, schools for disabled children, provides accommodation for families and offers jobs in their bakery and soap workshop.

We have been supporting the charity since 2009, assisting with building projects, donating kitchen equipment and, most recently, a bus.  Sister Geraldine relies on support from Seoul based organisations as there are fewer fund-raising organisations in the Mokpo area.