Meet the Committee

Sian Stickings - Honorary Patron
Linda Lloyd-Jones - President

I am originally from Buckinghamshire where my family farmed.  I moved to London in my early twenties where I worked for 20 years in the world of PR/Communications/event organising and was part of the team that set up the charity for wounded military personnel, Help for Heroes.   My expat life started when I married an army officer and found myself moving home on a fairly regular basis.  As well as moving around Britain we have had two postings to the United States and now find ourselves in Seoul.  I am a mother of two wonderful and spirited girls aged 8 and 11. We are throughly enjoying our posting to Seoul and throwing ourselves into everything that it has offer.  BASS is very much part of my life here and has been a great way to make friends.

Jenny Hughes - Treasurer

I am originally from London.  My career has been in banking, both private and commercial.  I moved to Seoul in July 2015 with my husband and son who is 6.  This is our first posting overseas and we all love being here in Seoul.   There is so much to do and see here in Seoul and joining BASS has been a great way to do that and make new friends. 

Louise Kendall - Secretary

I am originally from Essex, England, and had a long career in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, during which time I lived in some fantastic places including Tel Aviv, Budapest and Vienna.  I then decided to take a change of direction and worked in the British National Health Service for four years, a job which I also loved.

I arrived in Seoul in August 2015 to join my husband who is working here.  Seoul is such a change from our other postings but we love living here, the food, the culture and even sometimes the weather, especially the Spring and Autumn which are especially pretty. Finding BASS soon after I arrived was a real treat as it enabled me to meet new people and make some great friends. It’s a very welcoming group and I hope that you will come along to one of our events to find out what we’re all about! 

Carol Young - Welfare Committee Member

Originally from Gloucestershire, I have also lived in London, Cheshire and Buckinghamshire before we moved to France in 2003 with our two daughters. We loved the bilingual and French cultural experience, spending 11 happy years there. In 2014 we accepted our first expat posting in Tokyo. Schools are usually the easiest way to meet new friends but with our girls working in London by this time, I soon realised the importance of foreign associations. Before long my calendar was full of cultural visits, creative and sporting activities, and I had made many new international friends. BASS was my first point of contact on arriving in Seoul in October last year and I am enthusiastic to be a new committee member, hoping to help other new and existing members discover this dynamic city.

Sujeon Shin - Events, and Korean Liaison

I am a Korean who can speak English and Japanese.  My goal is to be a person with beautiful free spirit.

I earned my master’s degree in political science and worked as a researcher at the Institute for global regional studies in Korea University.I went to the United States after I got married, and ended up living for almost 10 years.  During my stay in the US, I was supported and encouraged by friends with good heart.

I was thinking about what I could do before I came back to my country. And I organized an international ladies luncheon meeting which was a cultural exchange group of ladies I met at the public library. I also volunteered as a story teller in Korean for the families who adopted Korean babies.

Another 10 years passed since I came back to Korea. I’ve been working as a freelancer interpreter in the field of Tourism and Medical Tourism. I also used to teach Convention English in interdisciplinary program at Konkuk University.

I joined BASS in the fall of 2017, and it’s been a joy to be a part of this wonderful group.  I strongly believe that everything happens for reasons. This encounter will make my journey even more exciting and lead me closer to the UK.

Stephanie Winn - Walkie Talkies
Valeria Dorola Masondo - Membership Chair

I am originally from Argentina where I worked as a Business Processes Analyst.  My expat life began in 2002 when my husband was relocated to Brazil. In 2005, we moved to London. We loved the UK so much that we bought a house there and decided to raise our family in the lovely community of Raynes Park and make the UK our permanent home. In 2012 my husband was temporarily relocated to New York and in 2014 our expat experience continued in South Korea. Luckily, in Seoul I found a fantastic group of people. Being part of BASS has helped me feel part of a community, similar to the one I left behind in the UK, my adopted home country, which I miss dearly and to which we hope to return soon.  In the meantime, I am really enjoying life in this amazing city!