Drawn by the Wind: Shin Yun-bok & Jeong Seon Exhibition

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Thursday, 1 February, 2018 - 10:00 - 12:00
Meet: Dongdaemun Design Plaza, exit 1
10,000 KRW for members, non-members additional 5,000 KRW to BASS charity

Come and join us for the morning at a charming exhibition of the works by two Korean artists from the Josean Dynasty:

Shin Yun-bok (1758-1813) who is known for his realistics paintings of daily life at that time.  He is regarded as one of the three most renowned artists of the Josean era.  His art is important becaues it offers an insight into the lifestyle and costumes of that time.  30 of Shin Yun-Bok's paintings were designated as the 135th national treasure of Korea in 1970.

Jeong Seon (1676-1758) who was one of the first painters of "true-view" Korean landscapes.  He painted the mountains by sitting outside and looking at them and found the true-view landscape painting style almost 200 years before Europeans began painting in the open air.  His realistic depictions of the Korean landscape provided Koreans with pride in their own country and Korean artists began to take their place within the art world as the Golden Age of Korean painting began.  

This exhibition has used modern media technology to bring the paintings to life and and allows the viewer to see how Koreans lived 300 years ago.  It is the perfect opportunity to see artworks by two master painters of the Joseon Dynasty and get a glimpse of the stories hidden behind these classical masterpieces through cutting-edge media. 

Optional lunch at a local restaurant aftewards for those who'd like to stay on.

Sign-up is essential.