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Saturday, 26 November, 2016 - 19:00 - Sunday, 27 November, 2016 - 05:00
Grand Hyatt
150,000 KRW

Its still another 9 months to the inimitable Queens Birthday Ball but for those keen to dust down their gladrags before that - there is good news as the St Andrews Ball is to be held on 26th November at the Hyatt hotel.  It's always a fantastic event and a key part of British society in Seoul and everyone who's anyone will be there including the British and American Ambassadors and a number of others and it would be great to arrange a BASS table or two.

For the uninitiated, the evening kicks off at 7pm at the Grand Hyatt with champagne cocktails on arrival and an opportunity to fill your dance cards and pin on your corsage.  A 5 course dinner follows, with the Haggis ceremony and the Quaich ceremony before the dancing begins with traditional easy dances and disco.

Tickets are 150,000 per head and there are 5 reasons you should come:
1. It includes free alcohol all night, including whisky (be careful!) and delicious wine- sponsored so it really is delicious - hurray!
2. It is the one of the main expat social events of the year and everyone who is there including the head teachers of 3 of the best English speaking schools in Korea, the British Ambassador and or deputy, British council, lots of other Ambassadors, loads of people from Camarata, loads of Seoul based teachers, lots of embassy staff, British business people working in Korea etc so there is brilliant networking
3. It's  a very cost effective client entertaining solution because there is nothing else on top of the ticket price, but the alcohol flows all night and it is a very friendly crowd.  There is a bit of British pomp and ceremony and the loyal toasts.
4. Fitness.  It doesn't matter if you don't know how to do Scottish dancing - as there are practices twice a week and at the ball every 3 dances there's a disco so the Scottish dancers can get their breath back. If you come to the practices you will learn the dances, extend your circle of friends and have lost a few pounds in time to squeeze into your dress. 
5. You'll meet loads of fun people, including the 9 others on your table and other people you meet/ bump into/ spin on the dance floor as Scottish dancing is progressive and a number of the Ambassadors are mean disco movers.

Re nationality, there are normally about 12 Scottish people, about 30 English people loads of Americans and Canadians with Scottish ancestors and loads of people who've never heard of Scotland but who just love a good party.

We'd love you to join us so pm Cowal Pen on Facebook, email Karelia at or by email to  There is more information on our facebook group  below or search on Facebook for St Andrews Society of Seoul.

We hope to see  you there!