THREE C'S: Coffee & Seoul Botanical Park Visit

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Thursday, 14 March, 2019 - 10:00 - 12:00
Seoul Botanic Park, Magongnaru Station, line 9, exit 3
Admission Free to Botanic Park. Non-BASS members 10,000 KRW to BASS supported charities


For this month's Three C's (Coffee, Culture and Chat) we'll be visiting the Seoul Botanic Park which is an urban style botanical garden in Seoul.  The entire park area is estimated to be as large as 70 football pitches and is comprised of four different zones: an open forest, a themed garden, a lake garden and a wetland.  The themed garden, enclosed in a large greenhouse, includes a display of plants from 12 cities around the world and a skywalk through the garden’s upper canopy.

Entry to the Seoul Botanic Park is free during a six month trial period before its official opening in May later this year.

The greenhouse is very warm so if the weather is still chilly be prepared to take a layer off as you go inside and after the greenhouse tour we will head to the second floor cafe for coffee.

For further information contact Stephanie on 010 4912 6755

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