2009 Welfare Projects

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Myongdo St. Columban's Home under construction
The children of Woorinuri Study Room

BASS donated funds to many projects in 2009. Please click on the links below to learn more, or contact our Welfare Team.

Myongdo St. Columban's Home, Mokpo - 2009 Main Project
Seoul Shelter for Women
- Setting up a workshop for the women who work for their living.
St Patrick's Centre, Geumsan
- Setting up a Library/Social Centre in their new premises
Jeon Jin Sang Clinic/Hospice, Seoul
- Purchase of an imaging machine for their X-ray system
Anna's Nursing Home
- Purchase of an industrial washing machine.
John's Village, Gwangju
- Arcaffe Project for vocational training of psychiatric patients
Woorinuri Study Room, Seoul
- For the English education of 27 children from under-privileged families.
St. Columbans Home for the Elderly, Chun Cheon
- Purchase of an industrial oven for Nora's Bakery

Anna's House for the Homeless, Chungwon - Assistance with food
Pigum Island Volunteers, Shinan-gun - Purchase of a fridge for storage of food distributed to the homebound elderly.
New Light Community, Seoul - Assistance with medication and food to HIV patients.
Mohyun Medical Center, Pocheon - Renovation of hospice
Sungshim Didimdol Youth Shelter, Seoul - Purchase of computers, de-humidifiers and projectors.
Motungi Shelter, Seoul - Renovation of bathroom
Salvation Army - Annual donation
Gloster Valley Scholarship Fund - Annual donation