Jeon Jin Sang Clinic

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Jeon Jin Sang Clinic and Hospice offers services to people in a poorer area of Geumcheon-gu, on the outskirts of Seoul. 

The Jeon Jin Sang Clinic is run by Dr Marie-Helene Brasseur. The Clinic looks after approximately 800 to 1,000 patients a week from its Outpatient Clinic.   

There is no charge for services, however, if a patient has health insurance, the details are taken. The Clinic also has a hospice and makes visits to the homebound elderly, giving them palliative care. 

Additionally, there is a study room and a kindergarten for mentally challenged children. The Clinic gives dental treatment to AIDS patients only. Jeon Jin Sang is also able to provide psychiatric help and counselling. 

BASS has helped Jeon Jin Sang towards the purchase of an imaging machine for its x-ray technology.