The St Colomban's Home, Mokpo

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2011 BASS President Jenny McIntosh helps at the Opening Ceremony
Myongdo Welfare Centre manager Sister Gerardine Ryan and one of the day care visitors
Bakery activities at Myongdo provide training and create income
Happy children at one of the many Myongdo facilities

BASS has a long established relationship with the Myongdo Welfare Centre in Mokpo. Myongdo is a collection of welfare projects assisting people marginalised by low income, disability and rural isolation in Mokpo city and the surrounding area, including the 1000 Islands. BASS has provided mini-vans, ovens, fridges and even fencing for a project raising goats to provide employment and income to an isolated island community. 

In 2009, BASS gave KRW 60 million towards the building costs of the St Colomban's Home and then in the autumn of 2011, we joined with ANZA to pay for the gas supply to be connected to the building. The Home will be day care centre for the disabled and also contains a number of 2-person sheltered living apartments. These are to be used by young adults who have received life and work skills training at other Myongdo centres, preparing them for the opportunity to live and work in the community.

In 2012 BASS has donated KRW 20 million for the purchase of classroom furniture and specialist teaching equipment to be used at the Home.