Past Welfare Projects

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2007 project, St. Columban's Home for the Elderly

Each year, BASS helps one main Project and a large number of smaller projects trying to address all types of needs from charities ranging from the hungry, abused, homeless, mentally and physically challenged and from the elderly to children.

Below are the main recipients of past years. Click on the links for more information.

2008 Main Project - Physio-Therapy Center for the Jungwon Home for the Elderly in Paju

2007 Main Project - Chun Cheon, St. Columban's Home for the Elderly

2006 main Project - Myeongdo Welfare Centre in Mokpo
BASS has helped in the building of an extension to the Day Care Centre for  the mentally and physically challenged.

2005 Main Project - Rapha House for Boys in Chungju